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What is Xero certification & why does my eCommerce accountant need it

xero certification

Your partner consultant will walk you through how to implement your plan for setting up Xero and educating your staff. Explore conversion methods, a framework for making decisions, and best practices for planning and migrating to Xero. Your practice can earn points in a number of ways, including bringing clients on to Xero and using Xero products. Access product support through Xero Central and advice from your own dedicated account manager.

Xero’s certification is one step on a long road of points and kickbacks that can help you gamify your whole business and could lead to a major change in your workflow. While QuickBooks has Proadvisors and Certified Proadvisors, Xero offers varying levels within its Partner program, based on the number of clients you have. There are six different levels of Partner – feel free to dive into the details on Xero’s site. While there are a lot of moving parts, the biggest change along the way is the discount you can offer to your clients and the budget you get from Xero to promote its products. For the first time around, you’ll need a mix of core classes and elective credits for certification. You can complete the 40 XU credits anytime within the twelve months from when you begin the process.

Grow your multichannel sales the easy way.

Start your Xero certification journey today and unlock new opportunities in the world of accounting and bookkeeping. Gaining a Xero advisor certification will give you valuable skills that allow you to offer Xero services to clients. An accountant and bookkeeper who is a Xero certified advisor will be properly educated on the Xero platform and able to perform Xero services efficiently and effectively. As such, they’ll be able to offer a better service to clients seeking advisors proficient in Xero, and ultimately add to the existing services provided by the firm. Those who complete the course will also be awarded an official certificate that can be promoted by both the individual and the firm. My personal opinion is that Side-Hustlers should pick EITHER Xero or QuickBooks Online or perhaps Wave (for serving very small businesses) and run with it.

Twelve (12) courses are available for you to take — from completing your initial setup tasks to managing practice tasks with Xero HQ. Also, if you’re using the free trial version, do your best to get certified before the trial duration ends. After clicking “Get started, you’ll be redirected to a verification page. Click “Go to my inbox” to verify your email and click “Yes, it’s me — let’s get started”. Reporting is made easy with accounts already classified with report codes.

Is Xero certification free?

The Xero certification course by Brainmeasures discusses all the significant aspects of this subject. Xero has a lot of agreements with companies that have constructed software that adds on to the accounting program. Once can measure the development of projects, staff productivities, manage the client base and recognize sales opportunities, the options are actually limitless.

The more sparkly the champion status, the more Xero clients that the accountant has – giving them the experience to help your business. Lay the foundations for success with all-encompassing advisor certification training and courses on best practices and report templates. A Xero accountant and bookkeeper who is certified will have a proper education on the Xero platform, will be able to efficiently and effectively on Xero, and with your firm.

How do I add someone as an advisor in Xero?

Our education and partner services teams are continually developing new content to help your practice grow, scale, and improve. Xero partners receive support from Xero to help grow your client base and are eligible for reimbursement of some marketing expenses. Implement successfully using the best conversion practices for migrating clients to Xero, and have a sound plan for training staff. Gain your Xero certification online with education and training that will help you advise your business clients. A Xero advisor will be the pilot of your Xero integration and pioneer of all related integrations.

  • Xero certification is the badge of honour your eCommerce accountant should hold – ensuring that they can use Xero to its full potential, helping you to reach yours.
  • If your accountant is Xero Certified but not using Expandly to improve your service – have a word.
  • Take time to figure out if one is going to be enough, then forge ahead if you feel like you need a little more.
  • Xero certification is a badge of honour given to accountants and bookkeepers who know Xero inside out.

The Xero advisor certificate is attained by earning 40 credit hours and requires recertification each year. Xero’s lifelong learning platform constantly evolves to keep all users up to date on the platforms latest capabilities. The Xero certification course by Brainmeasures is really advantageous for all the individuals involved in the field of accountancy and finance. Accountants, CA and people into similar professions extensively use of Xero in their day to day work.

Comparing QuickBooks and Xero

You get to choose what works best with your schedule and learning style. Once you become a Xero Advisor, you’ll be listed in their directory and you can put a badge on your business website. The classes are two-day seminars and come in QuickBooks Online and Desktop flavors. In either version, you’ll spend the first day on basics and the second day going over more advanced topics. That is to say, use these programs if they’re a good fit for your beliefs and practices, not because they seem like good ways to make easy money.

xero certification

The demo company lets you try out Xero and its features using fictional data. Using this feature, you can process transactions without affecting your own numbers. Doing so will be a great exercise toward earning your absolute drywall inc drywall contractor.

The Xero Partner program functions as the introduction to the Xero world. Unlike the QuickBooks system, there’s no option to become Xero Certified without being a member of its partner program – again, this is free, so not a huge drawback. QuickBooks’ program for accountant certification is a pretty standard, three-step process.

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