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GitLab Professional Services from Select Partner Cloudfresh

Our migration services simplify the transition from your previous source code management systems to GitLab, minimizing disruption. Accelerate infrastructure automation and collaboration with GitLab and our GitOps and DevOps experts. Our team streamlines management of physical, virtual, and cloud-native infrastructures, including VMs, Kubernetes, and container technologies. Experience enhanced efficiency and seamless integration as we optimise your infrastructure for improved performance and reliability.

gitlab implementation consultant

For customers who want to deploy a stable GitLab instance and learn how to maintain it, we recommend an implementation engagement from our team of Professional Services Engineers. „We have an expression at UBS, ‘all developers wait at the same speed,’ so anything we can do to reduce their waiting time is value added. And GitLab allows us to have that integrated experience.” By switching to GitLab and automating deployment, teams have moved from monthly or weekly deliveries to daily or multiple daily deliveries.

Ensuring Seamless Integration with Existing Systems

GitLab partners with a global ecosystem of leading partners to support our customers’ growing DevSecOps and Digital Transformation needs. Through our commitment to open collaboration, we’ve created an ecosystem of partners with complete integrations, support and services across the entire software lifecycle. Our product specialists—technology professionals themselves—are available to train your teams to become efficient in GitLab and DevSecOps quickly. We offer dedicated engineer services providing dedicated engineers for three set durations, 3, 6 and 12 months. Our DevOps specialists -technology professionals themselves – provide comprehensive training sessions to end-users or system administrators to ensure the ideal jumpstart for your teams and get the most value out of GitLab. Using integration technologies and techniques in a modern DevOps environment, our specialists provide seamless connection and bi-directional data exchange between existing toolsets you use everyday and GitLab platform.

  • The certification assessments are currently available to GitLab Team Members and Partners, both of which will have access to the course material via the GitLab Learn platform.
  • Obviously, you’re looking for a better way to manage your CI/CD pipeline and GitLab is your solution.
  • Our experts help you maximize the value of your GitLab investment by implementing best practices, offering migration services, and promoting efficient use of the platform.
  • Version control systems also enable multiple developers to work on the same files simultaneously without overwriting each other’s changes.
  • We offer dedicated program manager services providing dedicated engineers for three set durations, 3, 6 and 12 months.

We help you navigate the DevOps transformation journey, enabling you to adopt modern software delivery methods faster. Reduce time to market by accelerating the adoption of modern software delivery methods. Our team will work with clients to deploy a simple, easy-to-maintain and secure GitLab. The instance would be in your AWS, GCP, or Azure instance, or in an SPK-hosted instance on AWS or Azure. We will use deployment automation to help ensure you maintain software upgrades easily in the future and we will transfer knowledge by providing over-the-shoulder instructions from which your team can learn.

Source Code Management

We assess your current DevOps maturity and technology stack and develop the scope, architecture and roadmap required to drive continuous delivery and strengthen DevOps capabilities across your organisation. Using Gitlab in a customized way that fits your company’s needs requires careful planning. You need to first have an accurate Gitlab Implementation or Improvement plan, and find the most suitable Gitlab expert that is able to deliver precisely the changes you need. Our services are fully tailored to meet your specific needs, considering your current DevOps state, the specific goals you aim to achieve, and your organizational structure. We offer expert advice on GitLab deployment best practices to enhance performance, stability, and availability.

gitlab implementation consultant

Designed to fast-track the integration of GitLab into your workflows, our service ensures a swift and efficient implementation process. From initial setup to custom configurations, we guide you through the essential steps, allowing you to harness the full power of GitLab quickly. Let us pave the way for your GitLab success, ensuring that you maximize the benefits of this powerful platform from day one.The Implementation Quick Start is key for companies with less than 500 users. Empower your software development and delivery operations with our comprehensive GitLab consulting services. Our certified GitLab experts help you optimize your DevOps lifecycle, integrating best practices and managed services into your GitLab platform implementation, ensuring seamless DevSecOps transformation. GitLab consulting services can enhance your organization’s software delivery, reduce time to market, streamline workflows, and increase productivity.

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