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Negative Testing in Software Engineering

Invalid partition is going to have 2 boundaries – lower and upper boundary. If the input test data range is A-B, negative test cases should be designed for A-1 and B+1. For example, it is common for a web-based application to ask the user to populate the Password text field within a certain range of characters (for example, more than six and fewer than 12). Using positive testing, the tester enters passwords within the correct range. For the corresponding negative testing, the tester enters passwords that fall outside of these parameters (for example, fewer than six, more than 12, or zero characters) to test how the AUT responds.

negative testing

Software projects typically start with a set of functional requirements that developers must include. Positive testing helps validate that these requirements are followed and implemented correctly. This aligns the software development processes with the intended goals and objectives of the project. In this testing, the system is authorized by giving the invalid data as input. A negative test analyzed if an application performs as predictable with its negative inputs.

The Objective of Negative Testing

By proving what the software should not do or accept, the tester checks that the code meets each requirement. While running the negative test, having a test scenario is essential to pinpoint possible failure of the software application in different situations. Here are some potential scenarios where software applications can unexpectedly encounter errors and crashes. When performing comprehensive testing, compatibility testing takes center stage. This particular form of negative testing meticulously examines the software application’s compatibility with diverse hardware, network configurations, and software setups. Through this examination, developers can ensure that the application seamlessly operates across various environments, safeguarding against potential compatibility issues.

negative testing

For example, a tester might enter a negative price in an e-commerce application’s quantity field or try to purchase a product with insufficient funds. Discovering how software handles these scenarios helps improve its security and reliability. Software testing is the process of evaluating and confirming a software program to ensure it functions as intended.

How to perform Negative Testing is a critical part of any software development process. It is essential for finding errors and ensuring that software functions as intended. Without negative testing, it would be difficult to know if a system behaves correctly when presented with invalid or unexpected input.

“Start with what is defined and included and then consider all the other possibilities by using test design techniques. The importance of this is that we can’t make sure that all the above mentioned won’t happen, so we need them contained. You must design pitch-perfect test cases based on the test you want to perform. Ranorex test automation software has been used by small businesses and major corporations to speed up their testing cycles. I am a Freelance Technical Writer, certified as a Software Engineer from the National Institute of Information Technology (NIIT), presently known as OpenLabs Ghana, and GitHub Campus Expert.

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