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How to Become a Board Director

A Board Director, also known as a Non-Executive Director is a position elected by a company. They are the representative of shareholders and ensure that the business is running in a responsible manner while also maximizing shareholder value. They also are responsible for setting the strategic objectives of the company and making sure that they are met by management.

They will often be asked to make decisions that are not only strategic however, they also have to make financial nature, including capital allocations, operating budgets as well as compensation decisions. This job requires a significant amount of time away from board meetings. This involves attending events, fundraising and evaluating whether the company adheres to its mission.

Board Directors are required to fulfill the fiduciary obligation to the company. This means they are required to put aside personal interests to serve the company. This is an extremely important duty that must be considered seriously by all candidates.

There are several ways to become a Board Director. Many people are placed in this position through chance or because they were invited. If you’re considering becoming a director on the board it’s a good idea to take a proactive approach to this possibility. You can start by identifying the organizations that interest you and then contacting members of the board.

When you write your resume, highlight your experience in leadership and strategy. Focus on organizations where you were closely involved with the board or made major collaboration decisions that were high-risk. Additionally, if you have any academic qualifications that are relevant (such as a Masters of Business Administration) include them in your profile.

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