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Living of a Single Mom™ Impacts Millions of life Through organizations, Instructive Classes & complimentary information Online

The small Version: When Jennifer Maggio graduated highschool, she had been expecting and alone. The woman grandfather had clipped the woman regarding his life. The woman date had dumped their and remaining for school. She must work several tasks, check-out evening college, and operated by herself ragged only to get by. During this period of difficulty, she found the power she needed through prayer, love, and trust. Nowadays, Jennifer is cheerfully married with three young ones, and she takes a trip all over the world to share the woman testimony with solitary parents in situation. Inside her act as a passionate family recommend, she founded a nonprofit organization that works single-mom organizations worldwide. The life span of a Single mother (TLSM) is an international ministry specialized in helping single moms together with the everyone they must boost delighted and healthier families. The entity in question supplies empowering resources to advise and motivate ladies who feel they can not do everything on their own. Backed by people that understand the struggles of unmarried motherhood, the Life of one mother supplies a nonjudgmental area for expression and development.


I became scrolling through my personal newsfeed yesterday, chuckling at memes and liking dog images, whenever straightforward post from a middle school friend caught my personal vision. It absolutely was a OneMomsGuide offer reading, „i did not set out to end up being one father or mother. I set out to be the best mother or father i could be… and therefore has not changed.”

I do not typically expect a Facebook article to result in really serious views or deep emotions, but shocked rips found my personal eyes to think of my outdated goofball chorus buddy today solemnly experiencing unmarried motherhood. Since all of our very early 20s, I have seen the woman two giggly women develop larger everyday in images at parks, schools, and play-dates, and that I know my good friend is a wonderfully compassionate mom, but I’m sure it could be terrifying to improve a new household independently.

Nevertheless, living of just one Mom supplies extensive sources for solitary parents, like my pal, who wish to do appropriate by their children. The ministry’s stated mission is actually „to see that solitary moms usually do not walk alone,” therefore really does a great task of uplifting feamales in disruptive occasions. The instructional materials and neighborhood programs given by this global effort have actually motivated scores of parents to be best they could be.

Based in Louisiana, the Life of just one mother is actually a nonprofit business that works alongside churches in 19 nations to ensure that unmarried mothers possess assistance they have to raise pleased, healthy young ones. From appealing organizations to helpful blogs, the ministry stocks an email of really love and hope to moms and dads facing a myriad of problems within life.

„this is what i am aware for certain,” Jennifer Maggio published in „A Letter to an individual mommy,” „You may be beat all the way down, however aren’t overcome. You are weary, nevertheless are not completed. You may ensure it is through. You may.”

Jennifer Maggio’s Journey From younger mother to household Advocate

At get older 19, Jennifer had been pregnant for any 4th time and living on meals stamps in federal government construction. Her mummy ended up being lifeless, and her pops was actually an alcoholic who’d told her to „have a pleasant life” whenever she told him she was actually pregnant with his grandson. She’d been molested and mistreated for the majority of the woman childhood, and she believed undoubtedly missing and alone as a young adult mom. After years of doubt and struggle, she decrease straight back on the religion and discovered hope within the Holy Spirit.

„I was in church one Sunday, and that I was hoping continuously: ‘Lord please transform his center,” she recalled, detailing that she was hoping for any parent of the woman two young children. „and also in that second, personally i think like the Holy Spirit spoke for me and said, ‘Stop praying for my situation to evolve their heart, and begin praying for my situation to improve yours.'”

„i-cried more than I slept. I dreaded over I prayed. I did not imagine any person comprehended.” — Jennifer Maggio, creator associated with lifetime of just one mother Ministries

Signing up for the church changed the trajectory of Jennifer’s life, and she worked hard to give the woman young children the sort of happiness and security she had not had raising upwards. She tackled an ambitious career at a bank and obtained 11 group of Excellence awards at a prominent Fortune 500 company. Emboldened and energized, the solitary mother after that decided to leave her financially rewarding career in business America becoming a moral advocate for families like hers.

Jennifer seems passionately about doing all she will to help single-parent people thrive. She wants to build a residential area where solitary mothers can study on one another and find the power within on their own to make the greatest from what they do have. She created the ministry the Life of an individual mother to spread wish, support, and advice to females everywhere.

These days, Jennifer is an award-winning author and motivational speaker exactly who shares the woman history of homelessness and misuse to encourage other people to rise above their situations. Her dedicated advocacy work features raised consciousness for single-parent issues and provided households across the world the ability to understand and develop with each other.

„My personal wish usually, through my own personal experiences, other people may get energy,” Jennifer stated. „the effectiveness of God is really so much bigger than your last.”

Award-Winning Parenting Resources & Programing

Some single mothers may suffer separated or overcome by conditions outside their own control, but Jennifer says to them it is never ever too late to evolve the narrative of these lives. Living of solitary Mom Ministries gives solitary mothers the help of women who have been here and done that for them to notice that there can be a means out of despair, fear, and trouble.

Living of a Single mother’s methods have proven indispensable to people over the US and abroad. In neighbor hood homes and church buildings, the TLSM support groups provide psychological and monetary support to women trying to end up being mommy, father, and breadwinner because of their children.

The life span of just one mother products illustrate essential existence abilities in parenting, funds, and health to furnish mothers for achievement. You can easily volunteer to support the entity in question or get in on the Single mommy college to embark on a positive quest dedicated to family members, recovery, and love.

If you’d like to dig deeper independently on a certain subject, living of an individual mommy podcasts present reassurance and step by step advice inside challenges of increasing children as a single father or mother. These short tracks discuss how to approach insecurities, career dilemmas, relationships, schooling, alongside help classes meant for single mothers who would like to set a loving example with regards to their communities.

Through a variety of portals, Jennifer supplies down-to-earth parenting advice about single mothers from her very own encounters and revelations. „Dating with a kid is a lot more difficult than dating without,” she composed in a blog post about healthier dating choices. „continue with extreme caution. The devastation of a divorce or a failed union takes years to heal.”

Whenever Jennifer speaks, you receive the sensation that she genuinely and deeply understands exactly what she is speaing frankly about — because she actually is lived it. She has observed where those errors lead and then encourages others to follow along with the woman in living an even more conscious, loyal, and achieved existence as one mummy.

„My personal a cure for you today,” she mentioned at the longevity of one mother’s meeting in 2016, „is that you’ll find out what it is simply to walk from power to energy.”

94% of Single Moms Feel motivated by TLSM Support Groups

One expecting mother dreaded she’dn’t be pleasant at church. The unmarried 21-year-old thought she’d end up being judged of the congregation. Whenever a friend welcomed this lady to a regional solitary mommy’s party backed by TLSM, but she chose to simply take a chance and give it a try. „I will have a church home and know I can do that with Jesus’s support,” she typed. „Thanks a lot, TLSM!”

Different solitary moms mentioned the support groups provided them brand-new wish and assisted all of them discover definition within their resides. „we concerned my personal solitary mothers team broken,” one lady explained. She ended up being suicidal whenever she concerned a support team and discovered thoughtful caregivers willing to help her. „It fed my character, restored my spirit, and provided me with a reason to live… my single mothers party launched my personal sight and will continue to build me up today.”

According to the organization’s internal stats, 94% of single moms mentioned they felt much more motivated after attending a single-moms service party, and 93per cent mentioned a TLSM event changed their unique resides and families for the much better.

„Jennifer Maggio provides a lovely and genuine story. Her work influences besides single moms but women in every stage of life.” — Kerri Weems, Co-Pastor of party Church in Jacksonville, FL

Participation in TLSM teams frequently contributes to becoming more mixed up in regional church and. Solitary mothers inside ministry’s group are fourfold more likely to connect to their unique church. Churches that number these support programs have seen a 58per cent boost in how many single moms and dads inside congregation — that is very good news for several involved. Living of an individual mommy is a conduit taking females to a life of trust and pleasure.

„Thanks a lot to be these an inspiring illustration of behavior and faithfulness,” typed Mercy in a testimonial. „Thanks a lot for making a significant difference for single moms.”

„That temporary circumstance doesn’t determine you,” she announced on stage in a keynote address. „Too many people are living in a temporary situation, and it also becomes the definition of which we have been. That thing that happens to you turns out to be the definition of which we have been.”

Advertising medical & Wellness of Single-Parent Homes

When I watched my good friend’s blog post, my personal cardiovascular system sought out to the girl. I wanted accomplish something you should provide my service — more than merely pressing a like switch — but it’s challenging can assist some one deal with their unique private challenges. For this reason it’s so essential to own an on-line resource developed and operate by community leaders who know very well what single motherhood is about and also have the knowledge giving good guidance and reassurance.

Living of one mother is a determination and absolutely essential to many females and family members experiencing times during the hardship. These online learning resources and support groups assist visitors to overcome their own doubts, sins, and concerns so that they can expand in love and knowledge for years to come.

„i am the girl just who need to have never ever had it-all workout,” she mentioned tearfully in an interview. ” made every error you should possibly imagine, but Jesus has been doing this type of a restoration inside my life. He’s shown myself exactly what correct delight is.”

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